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NTT DoCoMo: The Future Wearable Computing Gadgets!

Go figure, you’re jogging and listening to the MP3 songs. All the sudden, the MP3 player is out of tune and you need to change the track, in order to keep it working continuously? Maybe, you’re having a great time with your loved ones watching TV, but feeling frustrated when you’re unable to find the remote control (It might probably has fallen and slipped between the your couch) all over the places?

Honestly, you can get the rid of the problem, by using the latest NTT DoCoMo. For your information, this NTT DoCoMo is a wearable gadgets that allows your body movements to control specific functions.

Techbit Wearable Controls

The DTT DoCoMo wearable gadgets equipped with the useful features by performing various types of movements. Let’s take an example:

When the wearer darts his/her eyes, it performs the fast-forwards on the specific household appliances,

Or, the wrist-watch allowing the wearer to use their arms as a remote control.

Although this NTT DoCoMo is very cool, but it’s still in the development and testing phase. However, the researchers said that it’s going to be a upbeat and awesome technology, after it officially launched into the market!

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