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No More Strays Cat Disturbing with The Pet Porte System

Do you know the estimated population of the cat pet in the world?

According to the latest pet population survey, there are over 203,750,000 pet cats in top ten countries, where USA top the chart with 76,430,000 and followed by China with 53,100,000. United Kingdom currently standing in the seventh position with over 7,700,000 pet cats!

The number of pet cats expected to be grown in an exponential rate throughout the time. The experts also stated that the pet cats market potential would also increase double or triple in the near future as well.

Having cats as our pets or companions is a great daily challenge, as we need to observe and communicate with the cats. The cat lovers require gaining some useful knowledge, if they want to rear an intelligence and talented pet cat. As the cat behaviors doesn’t like dogs, they love to go out and wandering around. Sometimes, the cat lovers have to pay much more attention to the cat compare with dogs, as the cats need a strict supervision than dogs.

So, is there any solution to overcome this matter?

Yes, now with this new sophisticated technology “Pet Porte” tool, you now can swipe all of your anxiety for the cats away with just a hit!

This PetPorte is a smart A.I microchip cat flap that been carefully and specially design to fit all of the pet cats. Pet Porte contains a tiny cat flap can quickly sense the identity of cats. It can be differential whether the cats that get inside are actually your cat or not.

By using this microchip cat flap, those stray and neighbor cats didn’t stand a chance to trespass to your home yard or inside you home. This will not only will save you lots of money on buying the expensive cats food, but also can efficiently prevent your cats from being disturb by those stray cats.

There are many types of cat flaps in the marketplace; however, these so called “intelligent cat flaps” didn’t even claimed as there are.

Let us compare the types of cat flaps:

Standard Cat Flaps

This standard cat flaps considered as the cheapest and non-effective one. The old-fashioned swing door types just like giving a signal to those stray cats, “Welcome to my house, you can eat, urinate and fight with my cats wherever you want!”

Magnetic Cat Flaps

Would you love to wear those heavy and can become a great burden magnetic ring on your neck? If you hate it, then you think you cats will love it either?

Infrared Cat Flaps

This considered the best choice over the three types of cat flaps. However, if the infrared remote didn’t work properly, your cats will be stuck outside the door. Do you want this kind of accident happens to your beloved cats?

The biggest advantages of using the Pet Porte is it can continuously scan and detect the cats identity, and it will allow the cats get in after the identification scanning. Don’t worry about the incident, where your cat’s paws might be stuck in the door, as microchip cat flaps is large enough to let those larger size cats to get through without any hassle.

If you interested on this PetPorte, you can view the video clip that will explain how simple and Artificial Intelligence this PetPorte is…

If you a cat lover that care much about your cats, then this will be the best time to pamper your cats with this PetPorte.

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