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New WinAVR 20080411 has been released

Open source rocks isn’t it? Here is a new WinAVR 20080411 release available for download. As always new release has lots of tweaks, bug fixes and optimizations. There are new XMEGA series microcontrollers preliminary included in supported device list. So we may have a chance to put hands on these new cool AVR microcontrollers. Here is a list of new things in WinAVR:

  • Support of new AVR devices: ATxmega128A1, ATxmega64A1, ATxmega32M1, ATxmega32C1, ATxmega32U4, ATtiny167;
  • New GCC4.3.0 compiler;
  • New version of AVR-LibC 1.6.2;
  • Two new Makefile templates added where one will generate a library instead of an application (Makefile.lib), while another will enable whole program optimization. This seems to be new thing – it will be interesting to experiment with.
  • New version of SRecord 1.38;
  • New version of SimulAVR;
  • Removed AVR-Ada (as they say – temporary)-I don’t need it anyway…

Just recompiled my old code – seems to be working fine. So I recommend you to update to newer WinAVR version.

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