New Type of Fast Computers Are Sooner Become a Reality

In the last couples of decades, the technology of computer has been undergoing a very huge transformation. Based on the latest statistic, currently there are more than 1 billions of computers across the worldwide.

Recently, the physicists at UC San Diego have developed the high speedy integrated circuits with particles called “excitons”. The researchers described that the new computers can be operated at commercially cold temperatures. In this case, it giving the hope of possibility, by making a new type of extremely fast computer based on excitons.

fast computer

Mr. Leonid Butov, a professor of physics at UCSD, who is the head of the research team, mentioned that the main goal of the research is to create efficient devices that based on excitons. It’s not only can easily operate at room temperature, but can replace electronic devices where a high interconnection speed is important.

During the researches, they’ve performed the demonstration, by assembling the transistors into the building block. It’s capable of working at 1.5 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero, which is equivalent to minus 457 degrees Fahrenheit. For your information, this temperature is a few times less than the average temperature of deep space!

Butov and the team believed that the excitons are the ultimate devices that would be used to create the next fast computer. [sciencedaily]

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