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New series of AVR projects from Cornell

It’s been a tradition to check on new projects from Cornell University ECE 4760 Engineering class. They build cool AVR based projects each year and seems that they are getting more and more advanced. During the last 5 weeks of the semester in ECE 4760, Microcontroller Design, students had to combine sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, and mathematical techniques to build something. So 2009 final end up with whole 39 cool projects that include a 3D mouse, Haptic appointment manager, fart detector, tissue impedance biopsy system and several interesting musical instruments. This year the coding was done using WINAVR GCC and AVRstudio.

You can hardly find so many AVR projects in other place that are well researched and described. And this number is growing since 1999.

This is a great idea to publish these projects instead of stacking them somewhere in dark place like many universities do. Students do lots of interesting stuff why not sharing these ideas, so others could make things even better. Way to go ECE 4760 class. All projects show a great deal of originality and work. There are over 300 projects on the page.

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