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NASA Has Developed Snake Bot For The Space Exploration!

Some of us only have seen the Snake Bot in the science fiction movies. Honestly, you might think it’s impossible to develop the Snake Bot, as it requires a lot of construction and programming!

Guess what! The NASA engineers have announced that they’ve successfully created an intelligent Snake Bot. It can be used to explore other worlds and perform multiple tasks in outer space!

Snake Bot

Gary Haith, the lead “Snake Bot” engineer at NASA’s Ames Research Center described that the Snake Bot is able to navigate over rough, steep terrain easily, unlike the wheeled robotic that much likely to get stuck!

Haith mentioned one of their missions is to make a simple mechanical test snake bot. According to Haith, the test snake bot has a wire, which is carrying communication and power to and from the computer brain. All of the identical hinge-like modules are quite easy to develop. All they need to do is attaching the snake segments together in a chain.

The snake bot has off-the-shelf hobby motors in its hinged segment, which is controlling its movement. As a result, each of the many motors takes a signal from the snake’s main computer brain separately!

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