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Muon Detector – The Ultimate Cosmic Ray Detector!

Most of you here must be wondering, “Muon Detector? What is that? It sounds like the weapon from the Klingon!” Hold on a second! Firstly, we’re not in the Star Trek series; Secondly, as we noticed, if the Muon detector is originated from Klingon, then it should be appeared on Earth, isn’t it? Lol

OK, back to the main topic. The Muon Detector is basically a device that being used as test unit to measure the performance of project, which is using fluorescent tubes. It helps the user to clarify or identify any issues and better understanding the principles of a cosmic ray telescope!


Yep, Muon Detector is highly related with the cosmic rays. For your information, cosmic rays are energetic particles, which is originating from outer space and impinge on Earth’s atmosphere.

According to the detailed analysis, up to 90 percent of all the incoming cosmic ray particles are mainly protons, almost 10 percent of them are helium nuclei (alpha particles) and less than 1 percent are electrons.

For showing a better result, you have to make sure that the LED flash times in the Muon Detector are slowed by a one-shot timer. It’s because the pulses are so short, where you might probably didn’t notice it, if the LEDs where driven directly on Muon Detector!

It’s a very cool project. It would be even better, if you can develop the Muon Detector with your kids!

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