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MoleExpert micro software

The MoleExpert software is a product is based on experiences of many years with the automated analysis of pigmented skin lesions. Essential requirement with this software project was the usefulness of the software with the most different photograph systems.

Qualitatively high-quality, evenly and well illuminated top illumination-microscopic pictures of the lesions is the most essential condition for the operability of this software.

MoleExpert micro software

MoleExpert micro was developed for the support of diagnostic identification. The system spends no diagnosis for this reason, but supplies as results of measurement data to asymmetry, for the delimitation of the lesion, to the color and the size. These parameters of the ABCD rule are recognized for some years as important dermatoscopic parameters. According to a particular algorithm adapted on the image analysis, the four ABCD values are combined into a total core, which can take values between zero to unify. With lesions with high Score, it acts with higher probability around a Melanoma, than with lesions with low Score.
Download demo version from here: MoleExpert micro


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