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Mind to Have A LED Dining Table at Your Home?

You are bored of the same old dining table and like to have some fun with it? OK, you asked for it, and then you got it!


It’s not a hard task to DIY this fancy and intrigue LED dining table. All you need to have is some patient and a little hard work and there you will have it. This LED dining table is top listed with frosted glass by 448 multicolored LEDs, which respond in a repeatedly and amusing patent, or what we called, “The flickering motion” above the table while you and your family enjoy the meals. A 16-node I-D analog computer network controls the LEDs, and this means each of the node has an amplified photodiode, where it will senses changes in ambient light above its own region of the table.


Furthermore, each node consists of:

  1. One photodiode
  2. One quad op-amp IC
  3. Nine resistors
  4. Four capacitors

You will have to hand soldered all the above components onto a small piece of Perfboard. Then, try to mount the nodes to several sheets of Masonite pegboard, and check whether the output LEDs fit through the holes or not.


After (endless of) soldering works, it’s time to set the electronics and a power supply into a stained-wood table frame. Top it with the frosted glass and you’re ready to go with it! [link]

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