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Make It Easy–Green Laser Projector

You must thought that projector creation is kind of rocket scientist’s project, and this will require a lot of science knowledge to do it. If you did, then you’re totally WRONG…! Making a green laser projector is just like a piece a cake; even a junior high student can work it easily!


Those materials you need for it:

  • Spartan 125mW green laser (recommended 250mW)
  • Diffractive glasses (3D glasses)
  • A bunch of galvanized pipes
  • Plastic Epoxy
  • 3V DC motor




Drill a hole on the diffractive glass’s center position and epoxy it to motor (be careful no to break the glass when you’re drilling) gently.


Then, epoxy the bottom end of the motor to the 90 degree pipe arm. Beside that, you’re supposedly to solder on two wires to the motor as well. Set up the pipes like the below picture.


Make sure that the wire comes out properly at the outer end and fit the green laser through the T-pipe piece. Connect it to a 1.5V battery or DC adaptor. Ta-Da, enjoy the enthusiasm moment! [zedomax.com]

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