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Low cost and open LPC2148 development board launched


p style=”margin-bottom: 0in; text-align: justify;”>NGX Technologies Bangalore, has launched a very low-cost and feature rich ARM7 evaluation/educational board. The product is named ‘BlueBoard-lpc2148’ and is based on the popular LPC214X series of ARM7 microcontrollers from NXP semiconductors. BlueBoard is an open-source initiative at realizing cost effective prototyping and solutions. Driven at present, by engineering and support from NGX Technologies, the board is provided with necessary interfaces for a quick realization of embedded solutions. Developed to evaluate the LPC214x series of processors, the board acts as a perfect platform to create and test your embedded applications. More details can be found at https://code.google.com/p/blueboard-lpc214x


The board is attractively priced at USD 42

The board currently sports the following features:
NXP’s ARM7TDMI LPC2148 with 512 KB internal flash and 32+8K RAM
External Memory
256Kb I2C based E2PROM
Clock Crystals
• 12.0000 MHz crystal for MCU
• 32.768kHz RTC crystal
127 X 127 mm2
• Power supply: DC 6.5V with power LED
• On-board linear regulators generate +3.3V/500mA
and +5V/500mA from power supply
• USB connector (as alternate power source)
• Extension headers for all uC pins
• RS232 connector (2x)
• VGA connector
• PS2 connector
• JTAG connector
• SD/MMC card connector
• USB type-B connector with link-LED
• All peripheral configurable via jumper
Other Peripheral
• Audio power amplifier
• 2 line X 16 character LCD
• Backlight control for LCD
• Configurable for manual and automatic program download (ISP) via serial port
• RTC battery
• 8 controllable LEDs on SPI
NGX Technologies’ Blue Boards are delivered with software/sample applications demonstrating,
• Analog to Digital Converter.
• Code Protection.
• I2C.
• E2PROM Driver – Reading and writing to an i2c-e2prom
• SPI – Using SPI in polled master mode to drive 8x LEDs
• FIQ Handler.
• VGA .
• Timer.
• SoftTimer – Demonstrates multiple timers with callbacks
• Real-Time Clock.
• Watchdog.
• SD/MMC access
• PS2 – Code to demonstrate PS2 keyboard
• Audio – Code to demonstrate wav playback
• Buzzer- Code to demonstrate buzzer on external interrupt

More about BlueBoard features and validation procedure see in following video

Great choice for a low price!


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  4. Interesting choice for a new evaluation board. The LPC2148 is probably 4 year old, that is equivalent to 2 generations of new devices. The LPC23/2400 and the LPC1700 come to mind as the next 2 generations. The board is OK but it was somehow outdated 2 years before it hit the market.

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  6. how buzzer work in lpc 2148 after loading hex file

  7. What’s the use? It’s ARM 7… it has problems with Linux.

    The author of the video uses windoze and demos ARM… don’t know what sorta guy is he.

  8. Hi all, i would like to use the vga interface of lpc2148 blueboard.Is there any possibilty to find the example codes for vga interfacing.Please anybody give me a reply.

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