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Learning kit with multiple microcontroller support

For those who don’t like to mess up with PCB making and prototyping but want to learn to program multiple types of microcontrollers there is a solution. Team in India developed easy to use kit for learning microcontrollers.


Kit includes:

  • Ease and simple to use E- tutorial and printed version book;

Tutorial screen-shot

  • Programmer that supports all kit microcontrllers: 89S51, 89S52, ATmega8, ATmega16, Atmega32;

  • Convenient microcontroller sockets. All MCU supports ISP;

Programmer software screen-shot

  • Boards shifts with support of Switches, Relays, LEDs for testing, 7 Segment Displays, 16 X 2 LCD, ADC, Motor Driver, RS232, EEPROM, etc.

For more details refer to Deccan code page.


  1. Got hands on one of the above and its horrible make quality and very poor learning material. I would not recommend this to any body.

  2. i want to learn mcu programming.the kit shown here is good. what is the price?how it can be helpful to me?compiler is also included in this kit?if yes which compiler for e.g. kiel compiler or other.can i learn interfacing too with the help of this kit?please help me out.i am from jabalpur (m.p)482020

  3. We don’t sell kits. Please refer to source link in post.

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