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iShoes – The Futuristic Electric Shoes!

Is anyone here who love Segways? Well, Segways is a very cool and stylish transport, but it’s way too big, especially for the children!

If you want your children to have some fun, but you’re afraid that they might get injured playing the skateboard or rollerblade, then this iShoes is your idea choice here!


It’s very simple to operate the iShoes, where all you have to do is simply strap them onto your shoes. With the handheld control, you’re able to travel at speeds up to 13.5 mph (21.6 km/h). By pushing the handheld button, it allows you to accelerate or braking down instantly.

To be honest, the iShoes’ rider needs to have a certain amount of skill, if they want to ride on the iShoes. It’s very easy to learn, as most people are mastering it, after a few times of practices.

By the way, when the iShoes’ rider wants to make a turn, they have to slowing to a stop, turning and continuing. However, for the experienced riders, they can easily make turn with a skiing style, which is placing one leg forward and steering with it, without having to slow down the speed!

The iShoes run on rechargeable Lithium batteries, where it can go 2 to 3 miles or 30 minutes of casual riding on a single charge.

Therefore, for those who love stylish and sophisticated stuffs, this iShoes is definitely a cool collectible. [https://www.theishoes.com]

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