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IR remote control extender

IR remote control has a limited range and doesn’t work when it is out of line of sight. But what if you need to control your appliances even if don’t see them. [Michail] suggest to build an IR remote extender that stands between your remote control and device to be controlled.


Building one seems to be pretty easy task. It has to repeat everything you send. Repeater circuit design is based on Andy Collinson circuit. It is based on 555 timer circuit that makes overall repeater small and cheap. Repeater receives IR signal by TSOP1738 receiver. As you may know receiver demodulates IR signal by removing 38kHz. 555 timer is set up to generate 38kHz signal which is modulated by TSOP1738 output. Whole magic that simply works well. If you need to control appliance that is in different room you can simply locate receiver in your presence while transmitting LED in other room.

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