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Intrinsically safe laptops

Computer is number one tool in engineering, manufacturing and production. When you need some mobility – Laptop is best choice. We all know that computers are packed with electronics that generate heat, may break easily when dropped and even can generate spark. How about using them in explosive areas where gases, chemicals and dust is present? Using regular computer would be suicidal. No doubt – a special gear is required. Some companies like Ecom instruments Ltd manufacture electronic devices to work in hazardous and explosive areas. Intrinsically safe laptops are on top of the list. Teir current model Getac V100 – EX2 is specially designed and ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) certified to be used in dangerous areas.


It is pretty challenging design intrinsically safe laptop because it is complex device which has moving monitor, keyboard, bunch of interfaces. Everything has to be rugged, sealed from water, dust and withstand drops, shocks and still be convenient to use. Case is built using magnesium alloy with caps on every port and slot. HDD is also shock protected. It has a touch screen with good visibility even in direct sunlight. It can be easily transformed in to tablet to carry around conveniently. Despite there are all standard features like USB, LAN, audio jacks. Not all can be used in hazardous areas as it is impossible to ensure safe operation. So it is recommended to use wireless communications instead of wired for obvious reasons. Device itself never can guarantee safety – there are always rules of operation that must be followed. But with proper tools rules explosion proof equipment simply work as expected.

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