Importance of NCERT Books Class 10 English First Flight

Board exams are the ultimate aim for any student in their school years. Every student would want to score well in their 10th-grade board exams—one of the easiest subjects to score well in the board exams in English. Although English may seem a little complicated, students will have to do exceptionally well in their board exams with the written information and content. Hence, they must use the right books in the right way to have the best of the best results.


National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is the institution entrusted with the duty of preparing the study material for both the primary and secondary sections. It is the bible to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) students be it their board exams or any other competitive exams. Since all CBSE schools follow NCERT textbooks, it would be ideal for studying and learning from other NCERT books.

Every student would want to ace the class 10 English exam, and however, only those students who have the right resources and materials will be able to ace their board exams with flying colors. Hence, with the help of NCERT class, 10 English books, students will do exceptionally well in their board exams. The importance of using the NCERT books Class 10 English First Flight for your board exam preparations can be understood by seeing the same benefits. Check out the following to learn how you are benefited from the NCERT books.

  1. Perfect adherence with the curriculum: NCERT books are prepared such that the content is perfectly all you need for preparing for your boards. It religiously follows the syllabus provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Each and every topic needed is right at your fingertips with NCERT. This is a huge advantage considering how CBSE while setting its question paper, moves in accordance with the syllabus only. This ensures that you understand the syllabus thoroughly and you will be able to do well in your English board examination. 
  2. Simple Language: The textbooks are prepared such that every concept and topic is explained in simple words. A student will easily be able to understand any fact in the book with mere reading. You wouldn’t have to mug up anything. With the help of this, students will be able to clear all the doubts that they may have while preparing for this subject. A mere revision of the grammar, vocabulary, literature, terms, etc will make you exam ready. The NCERT textbook for Class 10 English is prepared by the subject expert making the content in the book easier to understand. 
  3. Covers all basic concepts: NCERT books aim at getting the students to have a thorough understanding of all the basic concepts you would need to later move on to the more advanced studies. So, the books are not only preparing you for your boards, but also competitive exams like JEE and NEET. NCERT not only covers the whole portion but also provides a detailed explanation on anything covered. There are a total of 11 chapters available in class 10 English First Flight Textbook. With the help of NCERT books, students will be able to understand all the basics for these chapters and score well in their exams.
  4. A number of questions: Practice makes a man perfect and a student excellent. There is no other shortcut to learning your problem papers. Each and every kind of question and answer you learn from the NCERT books are followed by a set of questions for you to know the perfect way around every one of them. English as a subject requires students to practice a lot. With the help of sample papers and the previous year’s question papers, students will be able to practice with a number of questions. This will even help them get a better understanding of the question paper pattern during the class 10 board exams. Hence, with proper practice, students will be able to score well in their class 10 English board exams.
  5. Best for preparing for final and board exams: All the questions asked in the final exams for the Class 10 English First Flight Textbook are either directly or indirectly from the NCERT textbooks. Use the books to get the best and easy understanding of all fundamentals for this subject. Use the NCERT Exemplar to get to know how to apply all that you have learned and for additional practice questions. This will also help students to understand the type of questions that can be asked during the exams and will prepare them for that. The NCERT text with the Exemplar is all you need for excelling in your Class 10 English final exams.
  6. Helps in Understanding Complex terms and Concepts: The NCERT book for Class 10 English First Flight has many notes that students can refer to while studying for their exams. These notes are known to be reliable without any doubt. The notes provided by NCERT books for Class 10 English First Flight are written in a simple and easy-going language. This ensures that students understand the content and information available in that book. Hence, students will be able to prepare thoroughly and ace their exams with the help of these NCERT books.

These are just a few reasons why Class 10 NCERT Books for English First Flight are important. Which other book would be perfect for your exams? Prepared by and for the CBSE students, your final board exams and any other competitive exams will be right under your hood. To sum up, use the NCERT books to cover all the portions from the CBSE syllabus written in the simplest of languages with the largest variety of questions. Beat the Class 10 English board exams and ace the subject with NCERT on your side. All the best to all of you preparing to write the class 10 board exams.

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