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iDoor – The iPhone Controlled Hydraulic Dorm Room Door

Life in nowadays, especially for the people who busy with their daily job can be tough. Go figure, after a long day of work, most of them are exhausted. Isn’t it better to have a dorm door, which can be automatically open, every time you back to home?

In this case, the iDoor would be your ideal solution here. For your information, the iDoor is outfitted with an iPhone controlled hydraulic door opener and unlocker.


In order to use the iDoor, you have to tap the iDoor app on your phone’s home screen, and the door opens for you, once you’re standing in front of the door!

The iDoor is fully-controlled directly from a scrounged up PIII computer running Ubuntu, which is interfaced with the hardware using the Phidget 8//8/8 control board. The full PC is the right choice, mainly for internet connectivity and development speed. The software part was well-written in Java using the Phidget library.

Technically, the door is controlled by a hydraulic actuator, which is tapped into the sink in the room. Two of the taps (Sink inflow tap and outflow tap) are connected to a set of four one-way solenoid valves. In addition, there are two relays between two pairs of solenoids and the 24v power supply. One relay is for opening the door, while the other one is closing it!

iDoor is a very interesting project, come and build an iDoor at your home!

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