iC Hexapod Will Simply Amaze You

Did you ever wonder that your face being capture by a robot instead of human?

Well, you might find ridiculous but it’s true. Matt Denton, one of the United Kingdom creative Kinetica engineer, had created a smart face-capturing robot named “iC hexapod”.


What are the special features for this “iC hexapod”? Well, this robot has a head that can pan and tilt, along with a 10x optical zoom digital camera for its main eye lens make it’s a unique robot.

Beside that, the incredible “p.Brain” which consist a 16-bit PIC processor running at 59MHz control my legs and body locomotion movements.

I use my second eye, “CCD” to look and scan people faces. Once I found a person, I will capture, save and upload. I’m also can quickly spotted out a person in a crowd by using my second CCD eye. My body parts are mostly from the machine grade 6082 aluminium.

You want to find out more about me? Then, come and visit me at hexapodrobot.com now.

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