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How Identity Theft Protection Services Work

Many a time, prevention is the best cure. Obviously, this is not just in the health arena alone! When you take the time to invest resources into protecting something, it can prevent it from being stolen – simple logic at so many levels. Therefore, this logic should be applied to the area of identity theft as well. One of the best investments that you can make is an investment in identity theft protection services that are delivered by professionals. There are many things that go into these services.

Your effort

Once you have signed up with a service provider, you can rest easy that your identity is getting protected at an additional level. Ideally, you should pitch in as well! Some of the ways in which you can do your bit are:

  • Creating ‘difficult-to-guess’ passwords.
  • Guarding your personal information and passwords diligently.
  • Changing your passwords frequently.
  • Checking your financial statements carefully and
  • Shredding all your personal documents before throwing them away.

Suspicious activity

Identity Theft protection starts by monitoring everything that goes into the making of your identity. Some of the things that will be monitored are:

  • The use of your name to get a bank loan.
  • Your social security number being used to avail some service.
  • Your name being used to get a credit card and so on.


Once such suspicious activities are detected, the service provider will send you a message about the same. This message can come via texts on your phone, emails or even phone calls. Once you reply with a “Yes, this is suspicious activity” message, the service provider’s agents will swing into action with the appropriate remedial measures.

Restoration of identity

This is a rather critical aspect of the protection services. It is your financial reputation at stake is it not? Imagine this scenario – an identity thief uses your credentials and gets a loan but does not pay it back. The creditor is going to be at your doorstep come repayment time. It is essential that you get professional help for restoring your identity.

Credit monitoring

One important indicator of your financial health is your credit score. An identity protecting service will look at your financials, your social security number, medical records, any other public records and even driver’s license to check for:

  • Applications made in your name for loans or credit cards.
  • Any requests for change in address.
  • Medical facilities that are being availed in your name.
  • Online shopping and so on.

All of this will be a pretty good indication of how your cards and accounts are being used. Such a service provider will also be able to get your credit scores from the credit bureaus. Such a report will also help you determine any suspicious activity.

Finally, such Identity Theft protection services will also monitor your personal information and go one step further and advice you on security software for your laptop, smartphone and so on. Going in for such comprehensive protection services can help give you all the necessary armor against identity thieves.

Areyo Dadar is the community manager for https://www.noidentitytheft.com/lifelock-review/. As a victim of identity theft, he wants to help others avoid what he went through. Areyo received his BA from San Diego State University and spent 3 years managing US Bank in La Jolla, CA.

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