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Home Automation – Sky is the Limit!

Home automation (also known as smart homes or domestics) is a part of building automation which specializes in the specific automation necessities of private houses and in the application of advanced automation techniques for the safety, security and comfort of its residents.  Although there are many techniques used in the building automation already such as light and climate control, security and surveillance systems, control of doors and window shutters, etc, additional functions in home automation also includes the control of home entertainment system, automatic  pet feeding, automatic scenes for dinners and parties,  self controlled gardening and a user-friendly control environment.

Before home automation is installed during construction, control wires are added. These control wires are controlled by a main controller, which ultimately controls the environment.


Today home automation has reached the paramount. Every house, hotel and public place demands security. Every home needs surveillance cameras and video cameras at entrances. Every one is dependant on door alarms for safety. Also the latest technology has brought to you mood setters where the color and contrast of the room changes with the mood and can be set to what one desires. Lights are placed on the floors which get lighted when one walks on the floor. This not only notifies the residents about a new visitor or burglar but also lets the mother know when her child has escaped from the crib. Also, several products are available that aid in the specialization of advanced control products for the management of audio, video and other environments.



It is the best solution for anyone who spends lot of time outside the house or who simply want the best protection for their house and family members. Nowadays, most people are in 9 to 5 jobs or who work in call centers, due to this they are constantly away from home and are worried about the security. Such people are recommended to go in for home automation. So even if you are on a trip and it gets extended, you can rest assure that your house is safe guarded and since the home automation systems can give the appearance as if you are at home, the risk of burglars attacking is very less. Also for people who like to impress guests or their spouse, the fancy, stylish, elegant yet secure entertainment systems, mood setters and several other features come in handy.


Home automation comes in a range of prices to suit your lifestyle and income budget. It also varies in cost based on the size of your house. Also the market produces a range of products in various forms and in various company taglines that everyone can afford to buy whatever they want from whichever company they want. Since the products come from various companies, there is the advantage that the same product is available in various price ranges. Hence anyone and everyone can afford it and can rest at peace. Today in this changing world, home automation has advanced and reached the skies. Hence everyone should go in for it!!!

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