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Giveaway contest! Post to forum and win sensor board

I have another great development board which could be yours. This time it’s Freescale semiconductors Xtrinsic-Sensors-EVK evaluation board which packs a bunch of interesting sensors. It consists of two interconnected boards – FRDM-KL25Z base board which is multipurpose development board with ARM Cortex-M0+ micro on top. It features 128KB of flash, 16KB SRAM, USB OTG. On board itself you will find capacitive touch slider, MMA8451Q accelerometer and tricolor LED. It comes with OpenSDA debug interface. Software can be developed using mbed.


The board on top brings even greater value to all platform. It comes with a bunch of MEMS sensors including:

  • MPL3115 – pressure and altitude sensor;
  • MAG3110 – 3-axis digital magnetometer;
  • MMA8491Q – 3-axis low-g accelerometer.

Development board comes with built in demo software where it can be plugged to PC via USB where all sensor data can be seen on terminal screen. It’s a great unit to build many exciting projects.

Write at least couple meaningful forum posts in order to enter contest. You are free to start new discussion or reply to existing posts. Contest will end on 10 July. Winner will be picked randomly. In case of bigger activity, I will add another prize to pool.

Good luck!

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