Fuel Cell-Powered Devices is Going to Bring Down the World!

Ok, you’re now in the mood listening music with your iPod or cell phone, but it suddenly running out of charges! Yeah, aren’t you a little bit frustrated about this situation?

For overcome the above matter, the tiny fuel cells that powered by combustible liquids or gasses have been looked forward as the permanent solution. The great part about this fuel cell is it could power an iPod, cell phone or laptop days!

The concept of the fuel cell is a tiny amount of fuel flows into a small chip to generate electricity without combustion, and it would allow users to skip the wall plug. Hence, the users don’t have to worry about run out of charge anymore.

The Liliputian System Inc. has planning to introduce a portable fuel cell late next year for any device, where it can be easily charge by a USB port. The cigarette-pack-size charger will use a canister of butane, which it’s the same fuel that being used in cigarette lighters to power an iPod, GPS device or even digital camera.

The most interesting part about the fuel cell is each teaspoon of the fuel can provide 20 times the run time of Li-ion battery!

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  1. Good blog. I got a lot of good data. I’ve been following this technology for awhile. It’s intriguing how it keeps shifting, yet some of the core factors remain the same. Have you seen much change since Google made their latest acquisition in the arena?

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