Feel the Sparkling Moment with the HDD Grinder

If you had lots of broken HDD and you don’t even know, what supposed to deal with these HDD, do you mind to transform it into a super duper HDD grinder? You need to prepare these components:

  • A dead HDD (It doesn’t matter what the brand is, as long as it has a fast RPM)
  • Screwdriver
  • Sandpaper (P100 grit paper)
  • A sharp blade
  • A disk, which you will use it as a template

First thing first, try to open up the HDD. This is not a hard task, since most of the HDDs are only hold together by aluminium tape, which runs around the edge. Therefore, you can easily unfold the HDD. Then, is time to loose up all the screws inside the HDD. The Disk is normally secured with four more screws, and it mostly will be in T8-sized or even smaller. Be careful not to lose any of the tiny screws here! After it, make sure to re-arrange all the actual magnetic plates into to the upper site, as shown as below:


This for given some extra support to the topmost disk, when you’re trying to scratching the HHD. When you’ve done with the re-arranging matter, is time to glue the P100 grit sandpaper to the disk. Then, connect the molex connector to the HDD, and start the power supply and you’re ready to go for a HDD Grinding fun now! [read]

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