Extremely Cool and Cold Liquid Nitrogen in Your Kitchen

You’re always want to figure out the way to create an extremely cool and cold liquid nitrogen, instead of buying it at the market? Well, if you have the urge to do it, then this well-designed liquid nitrogen might be the perfect choice for you!

By the way, here’s something that you must know about the liquid nitrogen. It’s a liquefied atmospheric gas and produced industrially in large quantities. It exists in a liquid state at a very low temperature. Liquid nitrogen is a colorless liquid with density at its boiling point of 0.807 g/mL and dielectric constant of 1.4. Furthermore, liquid nitrogen only freezes at 63K or -210°C.

By the way, those components that needed for this project are:

  1. Several pounds of dry ice (It’s better to keep it below -78.5 degree Celsius).
  2. 16 oz Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (99% grade)
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Large plastic cola bottle, and
  5. Small plastic cola bottle.

Ok, let’s kickstart the making process right now! Firstly, you must use scissors to remove the top of both plastic bottles. Remember to poke some holes in the bottom and sides of the small bottle. Place the smaller bottle into the larger bottle.


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Make Some “Liquid Nitrogen”Watch more funny videos here

Secondly, insert the dry ice into the bottles. Hold the middle bottle in the center of the larger bottle.

Thirdly, pour the 99% alcohol into the gap between bottles. You’ll see a lot of fog will form here! Then, pour enough alcohol to make an inches-deep pool in the center bottle. By the way, please keep your hand away from it, as the chilled alcohol has the ability to freeze skin instantly.

Once the alcohol reaches its lowest temperature after the fog has cleared, the liquid nitrogen will be formed!

Caution: This project is only recommended for expert home hobbyists. Remember not to let the children to get involved in this project, as the liquid nitrogen is a very hazardous stuff! [amasci]

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