Errors To Avoid While Preparing For Imo Class 5

Taking part in the International Mathematics Olympiad is a dream of every child. Those particularly interested in the subject find thousands of ways of getting a good score in the examination. Sponsored by Science Olympiad Foundation, such exams are conducted by many schools where teachers motivate a candidate to participate in any Olympiads, based on their field of interest, to help develop a greater insight into the subjects. Students have shown equal enthusiasm while preparing for the test and that enthusiasm makes it a great deal easier for achieving a better result.


    Amid much excitement, students usually forget to be cautious of certain errors generally made during the preparation hours. Once they become aware of the possible mistakes committed during the preparation, they can perform a great deal better in practice. Read on to know specific errors to be avoided in the process. 

    Certain students are known to follow haphazard routines based on their convenience. One needs to do away with such a habit. Sitting for the preparation as and when one likes and spending the rest of the hours in vain turns out to be equivalent to zero preparation. A systematic time and routine is an essential part of the examination. Control of topics and sub-topics should be dealt with wisely so that not even an area is left uncovered. 

    Students sit with sample papers before even having a clear idea of the topic they are solving. This practice is vain as one cannot simply arrive at a correct answer without knowing the right formula or technique to be applied. Any work done in a rush cannot yield a good result, and it is just the same for such preparation. Solving sample papers just for its sake will only lead to a waste of time and no fruitful result. Therefore, it is always advised to comprehend the requirement of the question, clear the concept, and then solve questions of different years. Students can easily download IMO Class 5 Previous Year Paper 2013 and onwards to keep up their habit of each year per day and solve accordingly. In this way, they won’t be missing out on any essential topics.

    Another grave mistake that many students make is taking the preparation into their own hands. Understandably, the school curriculum matches with the exam’s syllabus, and they do not want to waste unnecessary time in extra coaching centers; however, they need to remember that as students of class 5, they aren’t fully aware of how to go about with a problem while understanding it from the very core. Lacking the ability to understand such equations can make a student lag not only in IMO but many such future competitions where concept clearing is the fundamental essence of the examination. Therefore, it is essential to take the help of research scholars or online lecturing platforms to make the concepts crystal clear before one takes the test.

    After clearing the concepts, students become self-satisfied and take a break from their preparation. They try to avoid any tests conducted in schools or online platforms. Such an attitude can prove to be disadvantageous for a student. As candidates of an international examination, they are advised to make rigorous practice a habit. The more one practices, the more confident one becomes. They should regularly take part in online conducted mock tests that can be daily or weekly practice. Taking part in such tests helps candidates evaluate their progress and enhances their stamina to work on various problems ranging from easy to complex. 

    When in doubt regarding any questions, one should immediately take the matter to the notice of a guide instead of doing away with the problem altogether. It is very important to try hands-on the questions one is most uncomfortable with, rather than skipping out the section. Who knows if one has to see the same question on the examination day. Therefore, getting ready beforehand is a wise approach. Deciding to compete in the exam is a wise decision; thus, skipping a problem just because it makes you uncomfortable should never be the attitude. One has the basic responsibility of understanding the weaker points so that a constant working out of the same can yield a better result. 

    Class 5 is generally considered a time when students are mentally bright and advanced. It is, therefore, the right time to sit for IMO and test one’s passion on the same. Adequate guidance can enable students to develop enormous passion and motivation to give their best in the field. Those far-sighted candidates who had already thought of taking up science as a stream in plus II and later pursuing jobs in the engineering or medical sector can take home some fantastic ideas to solve equations and problems. This boosting of passion is done with the help of preparing students from the very beginning and making students have a competitive outlook towards life. It makes them stronger, self-dependent, liberating, and a soul full of passion and enthusiasm. Olympiads’ opportunity to students of all sections is a celebrating moment, and one should grab the opportunity. 

No work can be considered smooth and effortless. One needs to go through a lot before reaching the zenith. Students should be mentally prepared to experience the same in the journey. There can be demotivation, loss of energy, the feeling of fatigue, or emotional breakdown. However, that should not stop one from trying. Only when one leaves all those negative thoughts behind and keeps moving forward can a terrific outcome be expected. It is essential to remind oneself every day the exam is not the be-all and end-all, but it is just an experience to make oneself better each day. Enjoy the process and embrace the outcome. 

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