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Enjoy Your Favorite Music with This iPod Speaker!

You would like to enjoy the true multi-room audio without any hassle, but you don’t want to spend over hundreds of dollars out from your wallet, especially in this recession period?

Well, if you’re being told that you can have a high quality iPod speaker with less than $60, would you like to take a chance on it?


If you’re interested on this iPod speaker, then it’s time to build it! First of all, you’ll need the speakers with the size of 2.25 inches (It’s better to find it online, as the cost is 50% cheaper than the electronic stores!). Then, you have to install a switch, where you’re going to use a SPST (single pole, single throw) switch, but you still can use the DPDT (double pole, double throw) switch, if you cannot find the suitable SPST! After it, you have to make sure that the switch has been fitted into the iPod perfectly.

After you’ve done with the switch, it’s time to glue the audio jack and potentiometer into the firewire port. Then, a 10μF capacitor is hot glued into place and soldered to one of the pins of the potentiometer. For power the amp, you’ll need to use an AA battery and you need to make a battery holder at the lower part of the iPod speaker!

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