Embedded Technology and Human Lifestyle

The prevalence of embedded electronics technology in the modern market has given rise to innovative products that could change the way people live. From innovative everyday stuff such as integrated home entertainment systems to intelligent helicopter rotor blades, embedded electronics technology is covering all facets of modern day living and is making life faster, easier and more convenient for people.

Transforming Communication

Embedded electronics technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate and transmit data and information. New designs of parts and systems are being made to make tech-based products like cellular phones cheaper and more efficient. Today remote execution of tasks and activities (like company monitoring and quality assessment) can be done securely using embedded electronics. Wireless integrated work stations are also being implemented in many office establishments.

Transforming Transportation

Modern forms of mass transport system use embedded electronics technology to increase the system’s level of safety and performance. Electronics technology has simplified automotive assembly and has facilitated the integration of several components so that modern day cars can be cheaper and can run more efficiently. Embedded technology-assisted braking, transmission, and steering systems are also being developed. Adaptive and quick response processors are also installed in aircrafts to improve their safety, and performance as well as make them more comfortable to passengers. Companies are also using microchips to remotely monitor their cargo to make sure that their products are handled with appropriate care.

Transforming Healthcare

Healthcare systems have also benefited much from embedded electronics technology. Embedded electronics technology is helping doctors accurately diagnose illnesses in a timely manner. Digital cameras no bigger than a pill help doctors examine the patients’ digestive tract and thus diagnose illnesses without the need for an operation. Embedded electronics technology enables hospitals to perform safer operations. On the other hand, embedded electronics technology has made outpatient care more comprehensive and effective.

Transforming Entertainment

Digitized homes are becoming more and more the norm; where devices are multifunctional and/or linked with other home devices. Embedded electronics technology has become an integral part of homes and, in particular, is boosting the market for digital and wireless devices like HDTV, VCR, DVD players and video cameras.

Embedded electronics has made it possible to integrate one’s computer with other devices like DVD players, game consoles, digital cameras, digital camcorders, notebooks and more. Soon, embedded technologies will be able to mechanize all household routines like heating coffee every morning, watering the lawn, managing one’s daily schedule, feeding pets, and more.

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