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ECE4760 Spring 2012 projects are here

Some time ago we noticed that Cornel University ECE4760 project list started to build up. It seems that the project list is finished with 30 great projects built around AVR microcontrollers. Students as always prove to be creative and inspiring. Like each year they came up with new ideas and implementations. We like that they use free tools to build them. The compiler they use is WinAVR/GCC compiler. So everyone can replicate one or another idea if needed.

It is hard to go through whole project list as it would tike time and we still wouldn’t be able to tell the thing. Some of them really are worth attention like EEG Pong, where device reads brain waves and this controls computer cursor. There is even a simple demo software where you can play pong only by moving bar with thought. Another interesting concept is a TicTocTrac wristwatch which not only tells the time but also keeps track of your activity and helps to improve time perception or at least to slow time sense. One student team have built a neural network perceptron that can recognize handwriting. If you attended a Machine Learning online class you should know what difficulties they faced.

Be sure to check all projects as each of them is great and inspiring. If your brain dried out of ideas this may be a refresher to start new interesting projects. And of course big thank you to ECE4760 team for making those projects public.

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  1. Great projects as always.

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