DIY skype contact signalizer with picture frames

Try to imagine, you’re having a good time, crunching a bucket of popcorn on your cozy couch with your favorite Saturday night show…  I bet you didn’t even try to get off from your couch, no matter who is calling you.


However, you’re still need to check who is on the Skype/MSN. Is there any good solution for this matter? Yes, you can overcome this problem with a DIY instant messenger online contact signalizer. Is it hard to do it? Nope, you can easily set one for yourself in less than an hour. Ok, let’s start the process. Firstly, you need to make a based on a hardwood with two long grooves to enable the polycarbonate to insert on it. Secondly, drill five holes in the first groove, this for putting the LED which will illuminate the photos. Thirdly, try to create a controller board for PIC18f2220, with RS232 communications. Lastly, you just need to assemble all of the above and Voila…you got a new online contact signalizer now. [link]

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