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Digital Signal Processing – Applications

Digital signal processing is the technique used to analyse various digital signals and obtain information form the same. It is also used for transfer of information from one place to another and also involves conversion in between analogue and digital signals.

It finds its application in various areas ranging from broadcasting to medicine.

Let us have a look at some of the applications of the same.

Biomedical Applications: DSP is used extensively in the field of biomedicine. In it, the various signals that are generated by the different organs in the human body are measured in order to find information regarding the health of the same. For example, in case of electrocardiograms, the electric signals generated by the heart are measured. Similarly, the activity of the brain is monitored by electroencephalograms.

Automatic Control: These days, many gadgets are available that can perform their tasks automatically. These devices contain various components that can take inputs depending on the surrounding conditions. These are conveyed to the control unit of the device where they are processed and the necessary action is taken. For example, a device like the thermostat increases its resistance in proportion to temperature. This can be used to stem the current in a machine whenever the temperature rises.

Broadcasting: DSP is used on a large scale for the broadcast of both television and radio programs. In the process of recording the audio itself, a large amount of processing of the sound waves takes place in order to enhance the same. Then, the signals are converted into digital format and are broadcasted and are received at the respective receivers where they are again converted into the analogous format and then, are filtered to remove the noise etc. Thus, the output of the radio, TV etc. is generated.


Telecommunication: DSP is used to the greatest extent in this field. The various conversations that one carried out these days are through the means of DSP which is used in the transfer of the signals from one point to the other. Various methods are available to transfer these audio signals. For example, if satellites are used then, the audio waves are first converted into electromagnetic waves and then transferred over a wireless medium. On the other hand, in case of optical fibres, the waves are converted into light waves and are then transferred through these fibres.

Navigation: DSP is used to a great extent in navigation. Devices or systems such as SONAR or Radar work primarily on the basis of DSP. For example, SONAR makes use of sound waves (signals) in order to calculate the depth. On the other hand, radars make use of radio waves in order to communicate the locations of various objects in a particular radius.


Apart from those mentioned above, digital signal processing has various other applications. For example, it is used in cars, remote controls, seismic analysis etc. Thus, DSP proves to be one of the most useful techniques developed in the modern times.


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