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Different Ways to Treat and Iron Your Woolen Clothes

Woolen clothes should be treated in a different way than normal clothes. This is because woolen clothes are much more delicate and can fade or shrink easily. Moreover, once the temperature starts to rise, the woolen clothes are stacked up in the wardrobes. Hence proper care and maintenance are highly required for these woolen clothes.


Have you noticed some of the caution labels like “Iron with Caution” or “Don’t use Direct Steam?” So you may be wondering why we cannot use heated ironing service directly for woolen clothes.

That’s why we felt the need to prepare this short guide for helping you with the different ways to treat and iron your woolen clothes. Stay tuned to get some important tips regarding the proper care and woolen clothes ironing service.

Why are Ironing Woollen Clothes is necessary?

Woolen clothes ironing service is necessary for removing the wrinkles and killing the bacteria causing bad smell and allergens so that the clothes stay fresh and clean. This can help you to use it for a longer time.

General ways to treat your woolen clothes with care:

Some of the tips we would want to provide you regarding proper maintenance of the woolen clothes are,

  • It would help if you always brushed your clothes after each usage so that the specks of dust do not stick on them.
  • After using them, make sure always to shut the clothes’ buttons and zippers and hang them in padded hangers.
  • Ensure to wash the woolen clothes only when it is required. In that case, hand wash is the most effective solution except for those instructed to clean dry only. While washing, use the right quality of detergent meant for washing woolen clothes like the Godrej Ezee Liquid detergent.
  • After washing, you need to dry the clothes properly, but it is not the same way as our regular clothes made of cotton or silk. Since the woolen clothes are heavier, hanging them can make the fabric stretch and affect the clothes’ shape. Thus, it is advisable to lay them on a flat surface and allow them to dry only in a room temperate away from direct sunlight.
  • Once the clothes are dried up, make sure to iron them properly. You can reach out to professional woolen clothes ironing service center or can iron it yourself at home too. To iron your woolen clothes at home, we will provide you with some simple tricks in the next section.

Few hacks that you can use to iron the woolen clothes properly:

#1 – A pressing mesh can be used:

You can put a heavy cotton-based cloth between the iron surface and the woolen clothes so that the excess heat can be soaked. If you do not want to use any cotton cloth, you can take a handkerchief or a towel.

Excess heat can cause the wool fibers to fuse, and shiny scorch marks can appear on the fabric’s surface. That is why you must use a pressing mesh to prevent that excess heating.

#2 – The right type of iron should be used:

It would be best if you used the right iron type for ironing your woolen clothes, and in that case, steam irons are the best ones. It is because, with the escape vents, the steam removal can moisturize the wool fabric.

Are you worried that you don’t have a steam iron? Then you can use a dry iron as well and spray water droplets while ironing.

Also, use a low-temperature setting of the iron as setting high temperature can hamper the wool fabrics.

#3 – The woolen clothes should be turned inside-out:

The best way to iron the woolen clothes is inside-out, protecting the outer surface from the shiny scorch marks induced by the heat.

#4 – Do not move the iron forward and backward:

Avoid using the iron in crisscross fashion for ironing the woolen clothes. Place the iron at one end and move it gently forward only in one direction. Two-way movement of the iron can cause the wrinkles to increase further sometimes.

The Final Words…

Hiring the most reputed woolen clothes ironing service is the best way to use your woolen clothes for a long time. Though you may know how to iron regular clothes made of cotton, linen, ironing woolen clothes is somewhat tricky and requires various precautionary measures to follow. Just go through the above simple tips before ironing the woolen clothes.

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