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Cute Scroller 7×5 LEDs on Mini Attiny2313

Building a mini Attiny2313 is a fun and exciting job. Besides, of killing your free time, you can also gain more acquaintance knowledge in the related field.


Before you want to start this project, standby these following tools: a) List of materials

  • 1x Programmer (AVRisp MKII)
  • 1x Microcontroller Attiny2313
  • 1x Display 5 × 7 leds Kingbright
  • 1x voltage regulator 7805
  • 1x battery or source of 9v
  • 2x Capacitors 100uF
  • 2x Capacitors 100nF
  • 5x Resistances 90 Ohms

b) Required Software

  • Kalanda Led Composer to generate animations.
  • WinAVR and AVR Studio.
  • Source code firmware for Attiny2313

c) Drawings and plates

  • Outline and plate format Eagle
  • PDF plate positive or negative plate
  • PDF side components
  • PDF scheme




Some of the advantages of using AVR micros: Can be scheduled and be used from any platform (win, Linux or Mac) The GNU GCC compiler (gcc-avr) can allow develops applications without using commercial compilers. The WinAVR and AVR studio will strengthen the function. The AVR RISC feature that performs in one clock cycle will save a lot more energy.




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