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Coolest spy technologies

One of the most interesting and the fascinating thing for a person to do is to spy. To complement and support ones idea to spy and do it in a very effective manner there are numerous spy gadgets which are available in the market and they utilize the latest of the technology to make it very useful and be very efficient. These gadgets are designed and fitted into the items which are of everyday usage. Hence the chance for the other person to suspect the spying is very less. There are many video recording devices and there are also various kinds of the snapshot and the audio recording devices. Some of the coolest spy gadgets which are very freaky and trendy in the present development are discussed in this article.

Top spy gadgets- video and audio recording tools

There is lots of amazing spy gadgets which are available to aid you in any of the manner to find an answer to your suspicion. The key fob video recording tool is one of the popular tools. If you doubt your loved one of a strange behavior and doubting your man or a girl with another relationship, you can use this device and place it in the living room or the bedroom. This device can capture the videos and also can take the snapshots of the images. The video can be recorded up to the size of the 2 GB. The image quality of this device is around 1.3 MP. Another device which is also very popular is the infrared flash video recorder. This is the only device of this type which can capture images and take videos based on the lens which is attached on the portion of the torch. There is also a LCD screen which will help the person in viewing the battery level and the other information such as the number of the images and duration of the video. The memory of this device is 128 MB which will enable 15 seconds of the video recording to be done.


Amplifying and electronic spy gadgets

The ear hearing bionic gadgets lets the user to hear any conversation which is occurring at a place which is almost 20 feet away from you. If in a company the person wishes to hear the talk or the conversation which is occurring between the boss and the CEO, he can very well use this device for hearing it. This device can amplify sound which are even of the range of 50 decibel. This can be kept and carried in the pocket. There is also a sim card spying device which can be used by a person who is suspecting any weird or a strange behavior of his or her loved one. He can read the images and the files by pacing the sim card on this device and can also edit. It is also possible to recover the deleted data. The other cool gadgets are the computer mouse transmitter. There also some phone interceptor software which will allow you to view and get details of the calls made to a pre defined nokia mobile. The other examples are the vehicle safeguard recorders.


These spy gadgets are very conceptual items which can very well be used by any person who wants to spy others for suspicious behavior.


  1. Spy gadgets can definitely be of concern to those unwary of others possessing a listening device, or hidden camera. Watch what you say and do all the time you never know when you’re being watched, in fact I may be watching you right now!

  2. I’m interested in anti-spy ware

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