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Computer with Common Sense Knowledge?

The computers are becoming more advance day by day. In this case, some people might think, “It’s possible to create the computers that included with common sense knowledge onto them!” Well, it might be a possible task, but definitely not in the short period.

Mr. Robert Sloan, a professor and head of computer science at the University of Illinois at Chicago said it’s been the Holy Grail of artificial intelligence research since its early days to answer all the questions that a young child can answer about the world and universe. However, we’re still a way too far to reach the ultimate goal yet…

Sloan with his colleague, Gyorgy Turan hope to build theoretical foundations that is able to bring artificial intelligence closer to everyday human reasoning.

Turan described that the main task of the team is to understand the problem, search useful mathematical models, understand the basic mathematical properties and provide some efficient computational methods to the children.

Honestly, the fantastic duo final’s goal is to create the super high-end artificial intelligence computers, which is having the capability to answer most of the mathematics questions. It would be better, if they can include the common sense knowledge into the computer as well! [sciencedaily]

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