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Chiara Robot Push the Artificial Intelligent to the New Limit!

First thing first, how many of you here have watched the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? If you haven’t, then you should spend a few hours, rush to the nearest cinema, grab a nice seat and watch it over!

By the way, today we’re going to have a new approach with the robotic field, which means you’ve the chance to get in touch with robot! Ok, let’s cut the long story short, please put your hands together for the incredible “Chiara Robot”.

Chiara Robot

To be honest, this Chiara robot is having some similarity with the Transformers (Of course, it doesn’t have the life as those Transformer robots did, or the world will be in kiosk).

Well, the Chiara robot is a six-legged red-in-color artificial intelligent robot, and it developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Tekkotsu lab.

The inventors claimed that this Chiara robot has so many useful features, such as:

  1. It’s been fully assembled and ready to be used, once it unpack from the box.

  2. The six legs give a stronger and more stable motion.

  3. Six DOF arm with gripper allows the robot to manipulate object easily.

Beside that, it equipped with other components, including:

  • Digital servos,

  • Pico-ITX computer,

  • Logitech webcam,

  • Infrared rangefinder,

  • Networking,

  • Ubuntu Linux OS,

  • Tekkotsu application development framework,

  • Audio and LED outputs,

  • USB bus, and

  • Open source body design.

All the above unique features made it became an unbeatable Chiara robot! Well, would you love or hate it? Feel free to speak out your mind…


  1. free online games

    I saw it,twice.
    The look a like Transformer look cool.

  2. I saw it also, with my 6 years son.
    According to inventors it’s awesome and full with high quality features, i will get one for my son (and for too)

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