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Getting used to Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi model b

Its been quite some time since my Raspberry Pi Model B arrived. All I’ve done is tried to run several things, blink GPIO with examples found on Internet, set up a desktop computer for my daughter with TuxPaint. I never was big fan of Linux, on desktop computer I always use Windows for my daily tasks. With cheap single board computers like Raspberry Pi people looked at Linux with different perspective. We can notice increased interest in Linux, how to do this and this. Who work with Linux long time, it is just another computer where they can work with it and make cool things right away. But for us like me, its a good chance get to know Linux better, and learn few tricks. There are already tons of information about Raspberry Pi computer. Practically anyone can find easy step by step guide how to set up Raspbian image, set basic settings and control it either through terminal screen or like casual computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse. From my experience it is a bit too slow for running desktop applications with graphical interface. For instance loading TuxPaint takes long time and is not very responsive. But for embedded…

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Facts about Raspberry Pi that make it popular

Raspberry Pi model B

Is there anyone who didn’t hear about Raspberry Pi? It’s like second thing after Arduino. And this is the result of right idea at the right time. There’s been mane Linux boards around that don’t cost a fortune but they didn’t make to masses. And mostly they were used by advanced users who knows Linux well enough. Raspberry Pi changed things pretty drastically. And there are several key factors why:

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