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Top Questions Regarding E-Signatures You Should Know

There are several top questions for a better understanding of e-signatures. These include the legality of e-signatures, the primary laws and regulations of e-signatures, the legality of handwritten signatures and e-signatures, and the integrity of e-signatures. Now, let’s talk about the legality of electronic signatures. E-signatures have already been made legal by the government. There are several points why e-signatures are used. The benefits of using electronic signatures include practicality and efficiency. In addition to that, it can also eliminate the use of papers. Electronic signatures are also important for the integrity of certain documents.

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Way of playing AVI files on iPad

AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) video format is a standard format around the internet. Windows introduced this format in 1992. AVI files carry audio and video data that are played synchronously. Audio and video can be compressed with different codecs and stored in a single .avi file. That can be played with Windows played or another player with the right codecs. If you are MAC used and carry the iPad around, you probably noticed a problem with playing AVI files on these devices. Apple is stuck to MP4 format, which actually is more advanced because it can carry more information than audio and video. 3D graphics, subtitles, and still images also can be packed along in a single file. All benefits and disadvantages you may find on the internet. The user may find a problem playing one or another format on his machine. As we mentioned, without unique apps, there can be a problem playing .avi files on the iPad. Instead of struggling to find one good AVI player probably, it is worth converting them to mp4. There are many video converters available to download. For instance, Aimersoft.com produces an excellent free video converter called  Video Converter Ultimate. It supports all standard…

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The Great PLL Induction Heater Driver

Have you ever played with a manually tuned induction heater before? If you did, then you must know that how dull it could be… Oh, for those that didn’t know what the induction heater is, that is a key piece of equipment used in all forms of induction heating. An induction heater will technically operate at either medium frequency (MF) or radiofrequency (RF) ranges. Three main components form the basis of a modern induction heater, such as the power unit (power inverter), the word head (transformer), and the coil (inductor). This project is slightly different from the regular induction heater driver, as it will include the Phase Lock Loop (PLL) into it. A phase lock loop is a control system that can generate a signal, and it has a fixed relation to the phase of a “reference” signal itself. Since the phase lock loop circuit responds to both the frequency and the input signals phase, it raises or lowers the frequency of a controlled oscillator automatically until it’s matched to the reference in both frequency and phase. Overall, this PLL induction heater driver will be one of the magnificent projects that you’ve ever built!

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