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How to set up home assistant MQTT sensor on raspberry pi

Home automation is an exciting thing once installed and appropriately maintained. You can find many available out of box home automation solutions that are not free. With some technology understanding enthusiasm, you can start building your own system. This post will share the necessary steps needed to set up a home assistant MQTT sensor on raspberry pi. Building a home automation system from scratch may be a tedious job. You need to take care of many things, including data management, security, communications, user interface, scheduling, and many other tasks. Imagine the coding and knowledge, which is required to make all things fork fluently. Additionally, a sound home automation system should be capable of handling DIY and purchased devices such as light controllers, smart outlets, or sprinklers. If it connects to the internet, you should control it with the home automation system. You could get away with a DIY solution running on the Raspberry Pi script for one or two devices such as a temperature sensor or blinds closing motor, but when things start to build up, you will start losing the battle of managing things. This is why the best solution is to use a ready home automation platform, which…

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