Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

NoKES – Nintendo Keyless Entry System

Our home security is a very important matter, as it helps to protect us from become the next target of the burglars, especially when we’re away from home!

Most people choose to purchase home security system or locks from the malls or stores, as they think it’s better to buy the locks than making it by ourselves.

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The Adjustable Lego Lamp with Counterweight System

Lego, a very renowned construction toys and private held company which is based in Billund, Denmark, is famous of its colorful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, minifigures and various other parts. If you think that Lego is only the toys that suitable for elementary students, then you’re probably have to read through the whole article to see how wrong your perspective in this case!

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