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Why One should Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick?

A lot of queries related to jailbreaking one’s devices are because of its nature of work. Because people think this can void their warranty, or crash their device and maybe cause some irreparable damage. Such cases and warnings are all around the net. But, hobbyists and engineers like to tinker around with Amazon Fire TV Stick, just to figure out its true potential. So, starting with the big elephant in the room, Is it illegal, and can it amount to any prosecution to jailbreak a Fire TV stick? An unlocked Fire Stick is not a problem or something to worry about because it is NOT illegal to do so. It is not illegal to jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV stick, be it any generation, but you have to know the procedure to how to jailbreak Fire Stick?

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Did I just increase DS1022CD bandwidth four times?

Probably you are already familiar with the famous DS1052E hack where guys were able to double and even triple bandwidth. It happens that on my table is DS1022CD scope with 25MHz analog bandwidth. And this hack doesn’t apply to my model. We all know that the same series Rigol oscilloscope models tend to have identical hardware, whether 25MHz, 50MHz or 100MHz analog bandwidth. Of course, the sampling rate (400MHz) stays the same. So it all lies in the software. I felt that someone would figure out how to do this with this pretty old oscilloscope. And here it is – a hackaday pointed to a piece of great news – a simple way of changing the model from DS1022CD to DS1102CD, which converts analog bandwidth from 25MHz to 100MHz. This is quite a step without spending a penny. Andreas Schuler (aka Krater) shared a simple method of doing this without using any serial interfaces and firmware updates. By following his step by step guide, you can do this as follows:

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Desoldering Atmega128 using a lighter

I heard about this method and decided to try it with my board. I needed to replace the Atmega128 chip but didn’t have hot air solder for desoldering IC. I tried this weird desoldering technique, and I can say that I was satisfied. Tracks and other parts weren’t damaged. The Atmega128 board is working again as before.

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