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Logical elements and their classification

Logical elements are circuits that perform logical operations. Logical elements are used in digital circuits and are used to express Boolean algebra. The system of logical operations were defined by George Boole an English mathematician in 1848. Firs logical element was used by Erenfest in 1910. It was calculator made of telephone relays… Let’s go to now days and clarify what is logical algebra. In logical algebra there are only two values: “True” or “False” they are identified as numbers 1 – for “true” and “0” – for “false”. Because there are two digits used, so this is why digital electronics is called as it is – “Digital Electronics” – the electronics which operates with two digits. Logical operations may be as follows: Logical negation – ¬A (in different sources negation has various markings like Ä€); Logical OR – C=A + B (in other literature you may find C=AUB); Logical AND – C=A*B(in other literature you may find C=A∩B). There is whole theory of logical algebra. You may find a lot information in Wikipedia sources. For us there is more interesting electronic part of logical functions. Simply there are electronic devices who perform these three basic operations: Negation – logical…

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