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DIY a Resistor Reference Card is a Piece of Cake!

Guys, it’s been awhile, since we’re involving in the electronic projects. In this case, you’ve particular learned many different DIY projects, isn’t it? However, do you have any idea, what is the Resistor Reference Card for?

Basically, it’s a simple piece of cardboard with three wheels inside of it. By dialing in the colors, it tells you the values of resistors, capacitors and on the backside two scales of inductors! Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

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DSCF0204 – The Unbeatable Toy for Your Cats!

Cat is regarding as one of the best companions of human being. Based on the history, the ancient Egypt have kept cats as pet and even worshipped them as one of the almighty gods!

Nowadays, you can find over thousands of cat toys in the market, but not every toy is suitable for your cat. Plus, some of the cat toys cost over hundreds of dollars, and not everyone can afford the expensive cat toys!

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The Tiny Pocket Drunken Robot

When you’re watching the robots walking and moving in the robot exhibition, what’s your reaction on it? Isn’t you feels like it’s simply amazing and you’re wished to build one as well? Your wish is granted, as we’ll develop the Pocket Drunken Robot today! Ok, for the very first sight, it looks like a little bit malfunctions, but it’s only your thoughts on it! For your information, the Pocket Drunken Robot has three parts and it’s very easy to develop. All you need to do is by bending some metal. Honestly, he loves to wander around in circles and falls over most of the time.

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The Coolest USB Cigar Flash Memory

First of all, we must know that smoking is no good for our health, as it causes many side effects and diseases to the smokers. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot DIY something that related with cigarette and have some fun with it! Now, have a quick peek on the USB Cigar Flash Memory that equipped with LEDs. When you’re connecting it with the PC, it glows red and brightens upon disk access. Honestly, it’s one of the coolest DIY projects that you should try on! Before you’re starting up the project, you have to know that it might take more time and effort than any other electronic projects did. All you need here is some patience and skill. Those materials that you have to prepare are: A thick cigar (Any brand is OK) An USB flash disk Two LEDs (red) A 10K resistor Wood primer Some wire Some tape A short USB extension cable Thin paper (It’s about the size of a stamp) Well, the coolest part of the Cigar Flash Memory is the computer plays an MP3 track stored into the cigar automatically, once the USB cable is plugged in! [instructables]

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