The Coolest USB Cigar Flash Memory

First of all, we must know that smoking is no good for our health, as it causes many side effects and diseases to the smokers. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot DIY something that related with cigarette and have some fun with it! Now, have a quick peek on the USB Cigar Flash Memory that equipped with LEDs. When you’re connecting it with the PC, it glows red and brightens upon disk access. Honestly, it’s one of the coolest DIY projects that you should try on! Before you’re starting up the project, you have to know that it might take more time and effort than any other electronic projects did. All you need here is some patience and skill. Those materials that you have to prepare are: A thick cigar (Any brand is OK) An USB flash disk Two LEDs (red) A 10K resistor Wood primer Some wire Some tape A short USB extension cable Thin paper (It’s about the size of a stamp) Well, the coolest part of the Cigar Flash Memory is the computer plays an MP3 track stored into the cigar automatically, once the USB cable is plugged in! [instructables]

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Lunar Lander – The Amazing Game that Full with Surprises!

Time flies by and it’s been 40 years, since Neil Armstrong, one of the astronauts from the Apollo 13 moon conquest, first stepped his feet on the moon!

Honestly, it’s been a huge leap and boundary for the space exploration field. The NASA has announced that they’re planning to build a space station/space colonization in the moon in the next 20 years!

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The Systematic 8×8 LED Matrix

Did you know why there are so many home hobbyists love to involve themselves building 8×8 LED Matrix? Even though it’s not a brand new project, but there’s a multiple ways to develop this amazing project!

Honestly, this 8×8 LED Matrix is the most suitable electronic project, especially for the amateur home hobbyists.

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