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Stylish wind-powered wifi AP repeater

The fuel matter has turned into a global alert, where all of the countries around the world need to face the insane fuel price each day, either they like it or not.

Many energy reproductive scientists try to find and exploits any kind of alternative energy that will be the best replacement for the fossil fuel. Unfortunately, they still on their searching paths.

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A Truly Unbeatable DIY MIDI Controller

Dreaming of having a MIDI controller but you cannot afford to buy it? Why bother buying it as you can DIY? It’s easy to set up a MIDI controller. Before you start the project, you need to have these components: Scavenged Cirque Glidepoint resistive touchpad (must PS/2 compatible) 2X8 LCD must in 4-bit mode Two buttons (Assorted colors) A serial of Arduino board. Ok, there we go. You need to make sure all of the components in a fine condition; any broken parts will failed this project for sure.

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DIY skype contact signalizer with picture frames

Try to imagine, you’re having a good time, crunching a bucket of popcorn on your cozy couch with your favorite Saturday night show… I bet you didn’t even try to get off from your couch, no matter who is calling you. However, you’re still need to check who is on the Skype/MSN. Is there any good solution for this matter?

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Automatic darkroom timer for PCB exposure box

Ultraviolet PCB exposure has to be performed very exactly. Quality may differ even if you under expose or over expose lets say 5 or 10 seconds. So it is better to rely counting to hardware timer that human. This dark room timer has all features needed to control any PCB exposure box or other devices if needed. Practically it is universal timer which can control lamps, heaters etc. because it uses a switching relay.

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