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Catch Whatever You Want With This Funky Net Gun!

Your life was a little bit dull, and you’re looking for some excitement here? How about develop a funky Net Gun that can be used to catch anything you want?

You must be wondered, “Why should I build this Net Gun, and what’s the purpose of building it?” Well, good question! If you judged it from the appearance, this Net Gun is not a very realistic gadget, but it actually a very powerful tool.

net-gun - click to see motion

Life is full with many unpredictable events, and you didn’t know what will happen to you in the next second! With this Net Gun, you can use it as the fast catcher, if you found that there’s a thief sneaking into your house in the middle of night…

For your information, this Net Gun is capable of firing a 90 square foot net, from the distance of 15 to 25 feet by using 80-100 psi of compressed air. The net is strong and reusable, thus you don’t need to worry that your prey (thief!?) will destroy the net and run off from it! The launcher section is modular, where it can be easily removed if you want to modify it in the future.

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