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Can smart phone be cheap and powerful in one place?

We are used to stick to well known smart phone brands. Of course they are great in many ways but not the price. The more features the device have the more expensive it is. But here are more and more facts showing on the Internet that high brand phones are not that much better than other less expensive.

Smaller manufacturers in order to compete usually put more features for less price. These can be more powerful processor, more RAM and other hardware. So maybe it is better to stop chasing brands and get really what you are looking for.

GearBest offers a nice deal on really great smart phone Vernee Thor. For over $99 you get really powerful device featuring 64-bit quad core Cortex-A53 processor running at 1.3GHz, 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, 16 GB ROM which can be extended up to 128GB with flash memory, 5” HD display featuring Gorilla Glass 3. Cameras also seems to be top notch (rear: 13.0MP and front: 5.0MP). The other neat feature is that Vernee Thor supports dual SIM. Thor supports 2G, 3G, 4G network standards. When using 4G FDD-LTE, the download speed can reach up to 150Mbp.


The 2800mAh battery Li-Polymer battery has enough juice to run for couple days.

Phone ships with latest Android 6.0 so you can be sure you’ll be able to run the newest apps and games even those that require lots of memory and processing power.

You cannot expect much more from the smart phone for $100 price range.

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