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Brand New Exoskeleton – A Stronger Protection for Soldiers!

Guys, we should be glad and thanks to the people, especially those soldiers that have been scarified their themselves, being away from the loved ones and protecting our beloved country!

Lockheed Martin Corporation has developed the Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) or also known as the brand new exoskeleton, is much stronger, faster and harder than ever before. He described that the device allows a soldier carry up to 200 pounds of loads and run at a top speed of 10 mph in the battlefield!


HULC is made from Titanium and runs on a four lithium ion batteries. This means, eight batteries are able to power the HULC on mission up to 96 hours continuously!

Although HULC didn’t equipped the feature to reduce injuries during battle, but it surely can help to reduce injuries along the way.

Lockheed Martin’s Business Development Manager, Doug Medcalf said that the soldiers in present days are carrying loads, which can be up to 130 pounds into the combat!

The Lockheed Martin Corporation has confirmed that they will try to focus on designing an exoskeleton, which can carry even more weight in the future!

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