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Brain Scan And Mind Reading – Not So Far

Brain scan and mind reading of the part of the brain responsible for memory have been used to detect a person’s location in the virtual environment. This enables the location of individuals as they navigate through the virtual rooms. These are used to discern what someone was doing, where they are or were and where they are planning to go. This shows that detailed mind reading will be possible with the advancing technology and research.

The hippocampus underpins the ability of a person’s mind to navigate, form, recollect memories and imagine future experiences. The mind reading and scanning is done by using multivariate pattern classification and high resolution functional MRI to decode activities across the population of neurons in the human medial temporal lobe while the participants navigate in a virtual reality environment. The position of an individual can be predicted accurately even when the visual input and task are held constant. Reading precise locations or other types of memory is difficult because fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) resolves the activity of thousands of neurons at a time.

There are companies that are developing softwares that can be used to determine what people are thinking about. This analyzes the magnetic resonance imaging scans to determine which parts of the brain are being activated when a person thinks. This guesses which of the two words the person was thinking about. This could help disabled people to communicate or lead to mind controlled devices. The vision of this technology is interfacing information to the device and other people without having an intermediary device. It scans the brain while a person is thinking of several nouns. When choosing the subject is asked to pick the nouns the software uses the earlier results to determine what the subject is thinking.

Brain reading can also be used in the visual aspect of a subject. It is able to see the contents of someone’s visual experiences. It is used for dream analysis and psychotherapy. It has been used to explain how the human visual system works. In the predictive response the subject are given several discrete of pictures then the scan is used to determine the picture the person is looking at. However this works when they are few pictures and when the subjects’ response to the pictures is already known. The complex response is the next step that involves the interpretation of what a person is seeing without having a set of known images. This requires a very good model of the brain, better measure of brain activity and better understanding of how the processes things like shapes and colors seen in complex daily images. Brain reading is mainly used in medical and psychotherapy treatments and analysis of human brain and the responsive activities of the brain. Complete brain reading and scanning has not been fully successful so far and researchers are still in the process of formulating better approaches that will help in complex brain reading and scanning of the human brain. [Source]

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  1. I cant believe brain reading will come to reality.

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