America’s Energy Industry Receives A Social Media Make Over

As controversy over the potential pros and cons of the search for new sources of energy continues in the United States, more and more companies that are involved in the energy industry are turning to a new ally in order to communicate their message to the public. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others, are becoming an important component in the media campaigns waged by companies involved in this vital segment of industry.

Social Media Channels Are Becoming A “Go To” Source Of Breaking Information

As a result, people who are interested in learning about the latest news coming from the energy production sector are turning more often to social media sites than other sources of information. These various social media channels are thus rapidly becoming a “go to” source for breaking information. This is largely due to the ability of a representative of the company to upload new information directly as it occurs, with updates coming as frequently thereafter as is seen fit by the company. 

Making Use Of Social Media Channels To Create A Positive Image

For example, Sentry Energy Production tweets many updates per day on its Twitter feed, and has other pages on various social media sites, such as Facebook and the like. This is an excellent strategy for companies involved in the energy sector to adopt. Creating new updates on important new industrial breakthroughs, as well as imparting news and updates to the public on a regular basis, is an excellent way to “humanize” the image of the company, and also to control the image that the public at large has of the company.

Instant Social Media Updates Can Minimize Reputation Damage

A quick witted and timely use of social media can shape the public’s perception of a company involved in the energy industry, especially those that engage in practices that the public may have a predisposition to be somewhat hostile to. For example, the public controversy over the use of fracking techniques has been waged very much as a media war, with extremely polarizing results.

A Quick And Timely Social Media Update Can Work Wonders

However, it only takes a quick update to one’s social media page to inform the public that a particular company has no connection with the debate because that particular technique is not among the company’s regular practices. When similar controversies arise, it is an excellent idea to use the company’s Facebook or Twitter page to quiet down a public argument, or prevent one arising. While not every controversy can be handled in this fashion, it is nevertheless an excellent idea to make sure that the public is aware of the company’s position on all such issues that do arise.

The Future Of Social Media Usage By The American Energy Industry

While the events of the future are notoriously hard to predict with any degree of accuracy, it is a safe bet to assume that social media channels will continue to be made use of with great skill by experts representing the various companies that make up the energy industry in the United States. As long as social media proves to be a major influencing factor in shaping public opinion, energy companies will continue to be a contributing presence to its sphere.

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