Amazing LiPoly Charger with MCP73833

In the past, we’re mostly using the disposable batteries, as we didn’t have too much of choices. However, the development of technology has allowing us to recharge the batteries. This method not only can help us to save a lot of money, but reduce the pollution and global warming matter as well.

Normally, Lithium-ion polymer batteries, or more commonly known as Lithium polymer batteries are currently the best rechargeable batteries. The batteries are composed of several identical secondary cells in parallel addition to increase the discharge current capacity.


For today’s project, it’s going to be a fun experience, especially for those who love to get in touch with rechargeable batteries. In this case, the Sparkfun LiPoly Charger, which is based on MAX1555 would be the ideal choice. It would be even better, if you can apply the Microchip MCP73833 onto the project.

The reasons why MCP73833 is suitable to be used as a chip in this project are:

  • It has high accuracy preset output voltage regulation

  • It can be used to regulate output voltage options

  • User-programmable charge current up to 1A

  • Two open-drain Status outputs

  • Preconditioning and end-of-charge ratio options

  • It equipped with under-voltage lockout and power good output

All the above features made it’s the perfect component for adjusting the charging current and the status outputs!

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