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Alamode – an Arduino that sits on top of Raspberry Pi

Raspbery Pi isn’t that convenient when speaking of controlling thins using GPIO. First of all Hardware. Raspberry Pi pin control might be a bit scary for new players, while Arduino is rich in libraries and information. Alamode designed by wyolum team is somewhat compromise that binds Arduino and RasPi. This is practically an Arduino board that connects to Raspberry Pi GPIO header. Alamode has everything it needs to run as stand alone Arduino as well, but this wouldn’t be a fun and there are other Arudinos that already does that. How can you benefit by putting Alamode on RasPi? Simply speaking you can run a simple Api on Arduino that responds to commands coming from Raspberry Pi. This way you get convenient I/O module with internet integration. RaspPI can be programmed using any language (It’s a Linux). Even Arduino can be programmed directly from Pi.


Alamode has more than I/O pins. Atmega on board automatically adds Analog ability to RaspPi. There is a Fastrax UP501 GPS connector broken out if you want to add this functionality. Another feature that Pi lacks is RTC. Alamode has a DS3234 Real Time Clock with battery backup. So it can send time stamps to pi via serial interface or I2C. It also carries a Micro SD slot to hold big memories in logging applications. And of course several servo headers connected directly to PWM pins. So both: Alamode and RasPi together make quite a monster that can deal a serious business. For more information refer to datasheet.

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